Elderly Care

There really is no place like home. Elderly care gives elderly people all the support they need to stay in the place they love. Our dedicated team of care workers can provide a range of services tailored to the needs of any elderly person, from simple assistance around the home to help with bathing to medicinal assistance.

What is elderly care
in the home?

At Peartree Life Care we understand the difficulties in trying to find the most appropriate care for your elderly loved ones. Moving away from home comforts and normal daily routines can be highly stressful and uncomfortable at any age and particularly for the elderly. For some, moving to a residential home may be an attractive option however, here at Peartree Life Care we understand that for most people, they would prefer to stay in their own home so that stability, routine and comfort can be maximized.

elderly woman walking down the street with her carer
woman spending time with her patient

What are the
options for elderly
care at home?

We offer a variety of care packages for elderly people within their own home; hourly care; overnight care and live-in care are all available for elderly clients. Carers can provide a variety of services including; personal care and hygiene; domestic help; medication prompting; companionship; mobility assistance and more specialized care.


Consistency and stability are very important for elderly people and the maintenance of their health. By choosing Peartree Life Care to provide elderly care at home for your loved ones we believe that these can be achieved. The trauma that is often experienced from moving away from one’s own home of many years can be avoided, whilst independence and normality can be maintained. Our carers can help your loved-one remain independent and active in their local community so that that they will not have to compromise on their independence and activities that they enjoy.

The demands of running a home can sometimes be overwhelming. Peartree Life Care is here to offer a helping hand. Whether it’s doing the dishes, the laundry or just getting dinner on the table, our care workers can be there to help.

Task Overview

  • Cooking
  • Doing dishes or laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Seasonal household organising, household repairs
  • Running errands
  • Taking care of pets, walking the dog, going to the vet

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